RGL30 Single Leg Webbing Tie Back Lanyard & Shock Absorber

£56.83 + VAT

The tie back safety lanyard was designed to loop around thick structures where a karabiner/scaffold hook won’t fit. It has been produced with multiple colour coded inner loops which can also be used for lanyard shortening.
The addition of a shock absorbing pack means this safety lanyard can be used for fall arrest purposes, so that in the event of a fall the forces on the user’s body are reduced.
This safety lanyard must be used in conjunction with a safety harness.

* Stated connector(s) supplied as standard. You have the option to choose from a selection of other EN362 fittings to suit your requirements.

BRAND: Ridgegear PRODUCT CODE: RGL30 ACCREDITED TO: EN 355:2002 LENGTH(S): 1.8m MATERIAL: 26mm water repellent polyester 37KN MAX ARREST FORCE: <6KN


RGK2P and any compatible EN 362 connectors* Downloads Data Sheet    Declaration of Conformity