Rope Grab

Are you looking for a rope grab that offers fall protection when ascending or descending a ladder or structure?  Would you like to purchase your rope grab from a reputable company that’s been in business for nearly 30 years? 

Safety comes first

Rope grabs are very important pieces of safety equipment, as they protect individuals from falling when climbing or working at height.  Rope grabs are frequently used by roofers, construction workers, scaffolders and tree surgeons, to name just a few professions.  Those embarking on a climbing expedition will also need a rope grab in their equipment bag before they set off on an adventure.

At Paterson Safety, we stock rope grabs from Ridgegear – the UK’s leading manufacturer in height safety equipment – so you can rest assured that you can move safely up and down vertical lines as you go about your day.

Quality products you can trust

Over the years, we have become a household name within the safety and protection equipment industry. We work closely with some of the most reputable manufacturers and also manufacture our own range of safety products, to provide a range of high-quality safety and protection equipment you can trust. We can provide everything you need to work or play at height, so you need not shop anywhere else.

It’s important that the correct rope is used with your chosen rope grab to ensure a secure lock is formed. We have a range of ropes and lanyards for sale, but if you are in any doubt, please get in touch and we will advise you on the accessories that are compatible with your rope grab.

To find out more about our range of rope grabs and accessories, please give us a call today on 01418 819261.